Letter from the Co-Founders

When we initially had the idea of starting a student-run consulting firm at McGill University, we wanted to offer high-achieving undergraduates the opportunity to gain real-world problem-solving experience and more authentic exposure to the business world than what was taught in class. With the support of Junior Enterprises Global and McGill’s Management Entrepreneurship Society, we founded the 1st North American Junior Enterprise in 2012: JED Consulting.

In the early days, we focused on providing cost-effective services to Montreal-based SMEs. From developing expansion strategies to writing business plans and conducting financial analysis, we delivered upon a diverse range of mandates. However, as we worked with an ever-increasing number of organizations, we noticed there was a common theme across our most impactful mandates.

Whenever a project involved the 16-to-24-year-old demographic, something special happened. Being of that age ourselves, our teams would research, connect with, and understand this cohort better than any client expected. The difference between JED and other firms was clear: our data was more candid, our insights were better contextualized and our strategies were more actionable. JED Consulting had found its niche.

Fast forward a decade, and JED has become Canada’s largest student-run and young adult focused consulting firm. Having worked with 30% of the nation’s 100-largest companies, successive JED Co-Presidents and members have worked to cement its place in the national consulting landscape. At the same time, JED remains connected to its roots, partnering with select SMEs and non-profits each year.

JED’s purpose continues to be about bringing to light the talent of tomorrow by engaging and developing future leaders at McGill. In doing so, we remain unwavering in our commitment to provide clients personalized, authentic and cost-effective consulting services that make a difference to their business.


Here’s to another decade,


Gabriel Gougand and Melissa Serfaty

Co-Founder and Co-President (2012-2016)

Founding JED Board Members (2022-Present)


Written September 2022