JED For the Community + 60 million girls Foundation

March 22nd – 24th


Create4Good is driven by two main objectives:

  1. Develop offline concepts for an open-source game on climate action tailored for children in developing countries.
  2. Foster new relationships and networks among NGOs and groups worldwide to encourage collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the rapid development of innovative ideas and actions.

Design an offline video game concept that addresses the following:

  • Educating players on climate change and global warming, and how it impacts the areas they live in. 
  • Offering solutions for resilience-building and mitigation.

Target Audience

Who are we creating for? 

  • Children aged 8-17 in the Global South.
  • Varied educational backgrounds and abilities, including those not in school or with limited literacy.
  • Settings: rural, often isolated, fragile communities.

Challenge Guidelines

Your team will be responsible for submitting the following by 2:00 PM on Sunday, March 24th.  

Deliverable Description
One-pager A one-pager summarizing your game concept.
Report An in-depth report detailing your game concept. The report should be created in a slideshow format. If your team is selected as a finalist, you will conduct a 10-minute presentation of the report.
Proof of concept (optional) A proof of concept may be developed by your team showcasing how the game could look. This component is optional, however, we strongly advise you to submit a proof of concept as it will award your team bonus points during the judging stages. 




Alfredo Chaves

Game Development Mentor

Marco Purich

Game Development Mentor

Juan Reanda

International Development Mentor

Tony Llorente

International Development Mentor

Roberta Thomson

International Development Mentor

Naheed Rizvi

International Development Mentor

Vida Fereydoonzad

International Development Mentor

Debbie Frail

International Development Mentor

Lorraine Swift

International Development Mentor

François Lafortune, Ph.D.

Environmental Science Mentor

Mali Ilse Paquin

Environmental Science Mentor

Emily Sheepy

Environmental Science Mentor


François Lafortune

University de Sherbrooke

Wanda Bedard

60 million girls Foundation

Alfredo Chaves

Meta4 Interactive

Radia El Amrani

JED Consulting


Plan International Canada

Crossroads International

CAUSE Canada

Right to Play



Stephen Lewis Foundation

Save the Children


We would like to acknowledge the important support, input and suggestions from the many NGOs, partners and companies who have collaborated on the Create4Good event.


CAUSE Canada

Change for Children


Crossroads International

Nyaka Canada

Plan Canada

Right to Play Canada

Save the Children Canada

The Stephen Lewis Foundation

World Possible

L’Art de Capter


Evelyne Lussier

Julie Simonsen

Nicolas St Germain

Elliott Walton


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