An incubator for McGill’s top problem solvers

Why JED’s consultants are the ideal candidates for your team.

JED is Canada’s Premier Gen Z Consulting Firm

Based out of McGill University, JED Consulting is Canada’s largest student-run consulting firm by client size.

Through an intensive recruitment process, training, mentorship, and mindful individual progression, JED is a trusted producer of high-achieving students. With hands-on experience in 16+ industries, JED is a recognized pool of hardworking and talented undergraduates seeking to have a high impact on firms and organizations.

Hand-Picked Applicants

With an excellent reputation, JED receives the most applicants from any club at McGill University, with a growing pool of around 400 applicants every year. The diverse pool of applicants go through 3 rounds (resume screening, market sizing & behaviorals, case interview & behaviorals) before getting selected, allowing us to rely on McGill’s best and brightest.


Our regular trainings combine applicable technical skills and personal growth techniques. Executives and our training committee ensure that every consultant has the necessary skills to effectively solve business problems. Partnerships with firms and organizations complement this training through leadership, story-telling, and technical workshops. Personal development chats, where seniors meet with juniors to assess their performance and improvement, allows for continuous growth through constructive feedback, fostering the perfect environment for high-achievers.


Partners and Trainings:

Partner With JED

JED’s presence extends beyond our team of 40. Throughout the school year, JED partners with other McGill clubs to host campus wide networking events, championing consulting opportunities to students of Canadas #1 ranked university.


The second annual “Being Black in Consulting” is a speaker series and networking event. In 2021, the event brought together 9 firms and 100+ Black students and consulting professionals to discuss career journeys, lessons learned, and upcoming opportunities. The evening includes a speaker panel, firm presentations, networking, and refreshments. Recognized as MUS’s 2022 Initiative of the Year, JED Consulting looks forward to continuing to grow the event with the mission of platforming opportunities to enter the consulting industry for Black students

When: September 2024


JED’s first-ever Women in Consulting Conference aims to connect female students interested in a career in consulting with women at all levels of some of the industry’s top firms. Over the course of the 2-day event, attendees will have the chance to hear from a variety of speakers, discussing their experiences in consulting and as women in business. With plenty of opportunities for networking and one-on-one conversations, JED looks forward to helping inspire the next generation of female leaders in the consulting industry.

When: January 2025

Firm Night*

JED’s second firm night will encompass both networking and presentations from some of Canada’s top consulting firms. JED members and industry professionals will have the opportunity to connect through a dynamic format, alternating between presentations and speed-networking sessions. This night is exclusive to JED members, allowing for meaningful conversations in a smaller setting.

When: February 2025

Firm Trainings*

Firm trainings allow for our consultants to learn a variety of skills from industry professionals through leadership, story-telling, and technical workshops. Each training has a distinct theme, supplementing JED’s internal trainings and gives a glimpse into the necessary skills that industry professionals use everyday. Partners have the opportunity to connect with JED members, showing what a day in the life at their company looks like.

When: Throughout the year

*Exclusive to JED Members

Unparalleled Experience

With an average of 7 consulting mandates completed at the end of their journey in various industries, JED graduates enter their jobs with valuable experience and exposure to solving real business problems. They are able to leverage their existing experience, picking up skills quickly and positively impacting organizations.

Key Skills:

  • Clear communication
  • Confident leadership abilities
  • Concise presentation abilities
  • Thoughtful problem-solving
  • Effective Teamwork
  • Adept data analysis

Where Our Consultants Go

We know our culture of development works: out of 14 graduates in JED’s 2021-22 class, 5 accepted full-time roles at McKinsey, Bain or BCG (typical acceptance rate: 1%). While most alumni choose to pursue consulting post-graduation, our consultants are sought after in other industries too.

Past alumni placements include: