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JED For the Community provides innovative and actionable solutions for Canadian NGOs and non-profit organizations.

About JED For the Community

JED For the Community (FTC) is JED Consulting’s social and environmental impact committee.

Composed of managers, consultants, and sales analysts from JED Consulting, the committee aims to leverage JED’s resources to make a precise, sustained impact in our communities in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The committee was founded in 2022 to address these goals — the first action the committee took was to purchase carbon credits to make JED a carbon neutral firm. 

To take this impact one step further, JED FTC began to focus on external projects in 2023. Our members knew that we could use JED’s resources, reach, and most importantly, incredible people, to leave a positive impact on our community. With this in mind, we selected our first Impact Partner in 2023, a Montreal-based NGO focused on increasing access to girls’ education worldwide.


Are you an NGO looking for assistance with strategy or project delivery?

JED For the Community is here to help.

NGOs can choose from two unique services to meet their organizational needs.

Consulting Services

As Canada’s leader in Gen-Z consulting, JED can provide your NGO with a strategic answer to your most pressing organizational challenges. 

Each semester, JED Consulting provides a pro-bono consulting project to a registered non-profit or charity. Pro-bono consulting projects maintain the same structure as paid projects, and deliver on JED Consulting’s exceptional consulting standards, at no cost.

Learn more about our consulting services here.

JED Consulting’s expertise is in strategy consulting. If you are looking to engage students by utilizing JED For the Community directly, a project delivery model may be right for you.

Impact Partner

Are you looking for resources to help solve your organization’s most pressing challenges?

JED members are leaders on campus, bringing a breadth of experience, passion, and fresh perspectives to your challenges. 

As a student-run firm, JED is comprised of dozens of driven undergraduates who can bring their professional experience and unique perspectives to find creative solutions to support your organization’s goals.

JED FTC’s Impact Partner program is designed for challenges that have already been identified by your organization, which need the support of our team to resolve. Impact Partner initatives span one academic year and engage JED’s resources to connect our partners with campus environments and beyond.

Learn more about our current JED FTC project below.

2023-24 Focus

For the 2024 school year, JED For the Community has been focused on minimizing gender inequality through education (in line with UN SDG Goal 5).

We’ve partnered with the Montreal-based foundation 60 million girls to deliver on two projects: showcasing how JED For the Communities‘s services can be utilized for NGOs.

Communication Strategy Consulting Project

Facing an aging donor-base, 60 million girls was grappling with how to best increase engagement among younger demographics. With JED Consulting’s unique expertise in Gen Z marketing, our team was able to combine unique insights with on-campus data on Gen Z’s communication preferences to deliver a tailored 5 year communication strategy for 60 million girls.


JED Consulting and 60 million girls’ inaugural ‘Create4Good’ innovation challenge aims to address the gap in climate education for women and girls in developing communities. Students will work in multidisciplinary teams to create a climate education game prototype. The winning team will then have the opportunity to join a team of professional developers and JED Consulting to bring the game to fruition.

Using the Create4Good challenge as a launchpad for innovative game prototypes, our objective is to deliver self-directed climate education content to developing communities through a game format. The final game will be available to all 700 000+ students using 60 million girl’s Mobile Learning Labs (MLLs) and RACHEL devices.

Create4Good will be held on the weekend of March 22nd to 24th.

Meet Our Leaders

Our Leadership Structure

JED For the Community is led by two Directors sitting on the JED Executive Team. In addition to the 2023-24 JED For the Community Co-Directors, an Event Chair was appointed to support the development of our inaugural Impact Partner initiative, Create4Good.

Kai Hollett

Director of FTC
Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Field: Political Science
Expected Graduation: 2026

Clean Foundation

Paige Evans

Director of FTC
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Field: Bus. Analytics, Retail, History
Expected Graduation: 2025


Radia El Amrani

Event Chair, Create4Good
Hometown: Casablanca, Morocco
Field: Bus. Analytics & Marketing
Expected Graduation: 2024

Boston Consulting Group