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Launched in Summer 2022, JED iQ is JED Consulting’s research arm, tasked with researching and publishing one report per academic semester. Leveraging the same methodologies and people as our paid mandates, JED iQ articles are used to both highlight university students’ perspectives on a pertinent issue and exemplify the quality of output JED produces. Our latest thought leadership is available below.

Retaining Gen Z Talent – An Insider’s Perspective

Presented at TEDxMcGill, Co-President Andrei Adam shares the three themes organizations must pay attention to if they want to better attract and retain young professionals.

Coming February 2023

Perceptions of Basic Income Among University Students

An impartial study of what university students currently think of Basic Income as a public policy and the messaging that could change those opinions.

Coming January 2023

Post-Pandemic Student Workplace Preferences

Published in collaboration with Colliers, this report highlights what university students expect from the post-COVID workplace in terms of modality, amenities, and more.

Published August 2022 – Download here

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