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Learn why JED is a trusted partner in Gen Z consumer research, marketing and strategy for some of Canada’s most iconic and innovative companies.

JED, top solutions from Canada’s top students

Founded in 2012, JED has spent over a decade offering innovative, sustainable and effective solutions to increase the value of our clients’ businesses. By harnessing our knowledge networks of internal research, data collection networks, and industry insights, JED empowers the leaders of tomorrow to solve our partner’s most dynamic emerging business challenges.

What does JED do?

As the largest student-run consulting firm in Canada, we have a dual mandate. We offer long-term Generation Z strategy for Canada’s largest organizations, while still offering a full-range of consulting services for organizations for SMEs, start-ups and nonprofits.


  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Student Market Entry
  • Employee Retention Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Product Launch


  • Student Market Insights
  • Market Scan
  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Employee Satisfaction Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis


  • On-Campus Activation
  • Customer Persona Mapping
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Marketing Plan Creation
  • Online Presence / Social Media
  • Public Relations


  • Business Plan Creation
  • Financial Review
  • Market Expansion Analysis
  • Funding Identification
  • Impact Analysis
  • Customer Engagement

Our Approach Stands Out

The Five Values That Differentiate JED


With the opportunity to brainstorm, write, review and/or approve survey + focus group questions before launch, your team can ensure the data we collect fully reflects your priorities. 


We are your on-campus partner, capable of collecting responses from the exact demographics your team needs. Whether it be by faculty, degree, sexual orientation, race or geography, we have the networks to ensure your target demographics are reflected in the data.


All data will be collected specifically for this mandate: survey/focus group results can be shared within 7 days of collection, with the final deliverable presented a few weeks later.


We create environments where students feel comfortable sharing raw, specific and meaningful responses they would not otherwise.


We decipher Gen Z so you don’t have to, presenting easy-to-understand insights and results that are ready to be acted upon.

Client Testimonials

We take our client relationships very seriously, which is why our clients report 100% satisfaction on our mandates. We treat each project as a partnership, working alongside our representatives throughout 11 weeks to deliver beyond their expectations. However, we will let the reviews speak for themselves…


I was extremely impressed by the high caliber of the work JED produced and the overall level of professionalism. They produced every part of the deliverable they promised and more, successfully incorporating critical feedback and running with it to make the project their own. The level of engagement among the Questrade team during their final presentation was proof of how impactful the work of these talented young individuals was. Also very impressive, was their ability to set realistic timelines and adhere to them, even when there were multiple moving parts. I highly recommend JED Consulting.

—     Consumer Consultant “


Ahead of launch of a new TSN product, Bell Media worked with JED Consulting to gain insight into how the student market consumed sports content now, and how they anticipated that to change post-graduation. From the beginning of the project, the JED Consulting team asked the right questions and took the time to understand our complex business needs and concerns. The quality of their work was on par with other leading research vendors in the market. I would enthusiastically recommend the services of JED Consulting to others.

—    Senior Manager “


The JED team were professional, accommodating, and wonderful people to work with. They acted as the bridge between our company and our audience, speaking to them at a peer to peer level. These peer to peer discussions led to different and more nuanced insights than we had seen in other qualitative research as JED was able to create an environment where respondents opened up the same way they would when talking to their friends. JED provided refreshing and exciting recommendations and helped us get into the mindset of the younger generation.

—    Director of Research “


Éconofitness had the pleasure of working with JED for two consecutive research projects, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The insights and recommendations provided by the JED team have been extremely useful for Éconofitness, and we are already implementing some of their suggestions with great success. What impressed us most was the professionalism of the JED team, despite their young age. We were blown away by their attention to detail and the quality of their presentations. They were highly organized, responsive, and their communication skills were excellent. JED was able to present us with clear and relevant findings, backed up by concrete data. We highly recommend JED to anyone looking for professional and reliable research services.

—    Marketing and Technology Manager “

Past Clients

JED by the Numbers

Case Studies

Disclaimer: Client names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of our partners.


Loyalty Program for RetailCo.

Loyalty programs among fashion retailers drive customer engagement and solidify brand awareness. When executed correctly, a loyalty program creates & retains a strong clientele! In Fall 2021, JED Consultants delivered a new loyalty program framework to a major retailer. During this project, consultants identified trends among the most successful loyalty programs & considered consumer priorities to inform their recommendations to the client.

Monetization of Entertainment Company

The JED team offered recommendations for an entertainment platform to retain and monetize their growing customer base focusing on two factors: acquisition of customers and engagement. JED consultants analyzed the public perception of the company, the willingness to play and factors deterring people from playing. The final deliverable provided a recommendation for monetization of the platform based on willingness to pay, and including preferred membership styles and which features customers would be more likely to pay for.

Consumer Research

A Deep Dive Into Generation Z’s Financial Well-Being

JED worked with a major Canadian brokerage to deliver a comprehensive study about the financial well-being of Generation Z. Using survey and interview data, consultants identified the trends in university-aged participants’ financial position, behaviours and goals to assemble a holistic picture of this key age demographic. This resulted in the creation of a multi-dimensional persona model to explain past the financial decisions of university students and predict future actions.

Startup Services

Propelling Growth Through Customer Identification

The pandemic propelled the decade long increase in the need for delivery services. In 2023, JED Consulting helped a last-mile delivery company further understand its customers and develop its growth strategy. The project team gathered both current and prospective consumer data and performed analysis in order to create a customer persona model, highlighting the key identifiers of each customer type, including motivations for using the service, preferred platform services, and how to appeal to them in the future.


Basic Income Publication

Basic Income is a hot-button topic in Canadian political debates given the demands for novel approaches to correct growing income disparities. In Fall 2022, JED surveyed 300+ students from across Canada and interviewed 25 McGill undergraduates to understand how much support the policy has among students, its perceived pros and cons, how students think it should be paid for, and the factors that influence support for the policy. This analysis resulted in the publication of Canada’s first non-partisan study on student perceptions of Basic Income, and the messaging that influences opinions on the policy.

Link to Report


Workplace Preferences of Generation Z

Over 4 months, JED Consultants worked closely with the Colliers team to produce this market report forecasting and understanding Generation Z’s preferences for workplace amenities. Throughout the project, the project team surveyed and interviewed hundreds of university students studying in different fields. In our research, we analyzed preferences for workplace amenities and modalities across various sectors and fields of study.

Link to Report


Talent Acquisition in the Digital Space

Attracting and retaining top digital talent is a growing challenge for organizations of all sizes. As the demand for skilled technology professionals continues to grow, it is critical that companies are innovative in marketing its opportunities to Gen Z job searchers and new grads. Last semester, JED consultants evaluated the North American tech industry and emerging trends in talent acquisition. Using this research, the project team recommended creative initiatives to improve the client’s on-campus presence and long-term employee retention.


Market Analysis & App Design for DigitalCo.

Mobile-based media consumption has seen major growth in the last 10 years. In the Fall 2022 semester, JED partnered with a Canadian service provider that identified its digital presence was lagging to its competitors. As such, JED was brought on to produce the business case and customer demand research for a new mobile app. Throughout the project, JED consultants analyzed the UX/UI and functionality of competitor mobile applications. Through primary research, including customer interviews, project consultants developed a three state go-to-market plan based on consumer priorities. This recommendation was supported by a 5 year profitability model, outlining member retention, attrition impacts, and monetization opportunities.

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